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Student of St.Petersburg State University was killed on the main city avenue!!!

40 days, the second day of remebrance by russian tradition, will take place on december, 22th.

Please carry some flowers and candles to the "Bukvojed" shop (at the corner of Ligovsky prospect and pl. Vosstanija), beginning from 19:00.

Your support is needed to the parents and friends of Timur.

Thank you

    Timur Kacharava, 20, was killed this sunday evening (13 nov 2005, 19:00) on the corner of Nevskyi and Ligovskyi prospects, near the subway station "Pl. Vosstaniya".

He and his friend Maxim were attacked by the group of neo-nazis(who does not exist according to the Russian Police data) just behind. He died in seconds due to 5 knife shots, each piercing his throat. Ambulance arrived only in 20 minutes.

Maxim survived several knife wounds and craniocerebral injury, he is in the stable state now.

Tragedy took place in just 2 meters from the book superstore entrance, on the major tourist place - St.Petersburg-Helsinki bus departs from there. Despite these facts, no one was arrested.

Timur and Maxim were on the way back from the social work - just before the accident they participated in the "Food Not Bombs" action: served out hot food to the homeless and person in need, "human trash" in the filthy language of neonazism and hate.

About ten neo-nazis tracked their way from there, backstabbed and killed him. Timur was a Person. A student. A musician. An Antifascist. They killed not only him, but something inside all of us. We cannot forgot. We shall not forgive.

Never Again!

20 - it's the age of love. 20 - it's the age of music. 20 - is only beginning. And for Timur it became the end. Rest in Peace, Tim!

We need your help! Please, take some flowers and candles to this place. All of us will be there this Monday, 21, after 18:00. Send this topic to all of your friends, foreign news channels e.t.c Please, write your comments and suggestions to E-mail: stop-it@yandex.ru, you can do it anonymously.

Please, we need your help!


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